Anonymous Unfazed by Topiary Arrest, Starts Support Campaign

Anonymous, as you probably know by now, is a hacker group that is made up of countless individuals who claim to oppose certain ways different governments or high profile organizations work. Over the last few months their 'hackathon' has only been gaining momentum but

authorities like the FBI and various police departments from around the globe have been working overtime trying to crack down on their activities. While they have met with some amount of success, the response from these cyber activists has still been overwhelming.


The police have arrested a teenager, one Jake Davis who goes by the alias Topiary, in Scotland. The 18 year old hacker is believed to be a key member and spokesman for hacker groups LulzSec and Anonymous. He was released on bail on the condition of no 'Internet access'. However, besides being a spokesperson, there is no actual proof that he has taken part in any of the hacks. The hearing for his case has been scheduled for August 30th 2011.

Anonymous sticking by their spokesman

Anonymous sticking by their spokesman


Anonymous being a group that is not the type to take any of this lying down immediately started a campaign called 'Free Topiary'  to seek justice for Jake Davis. According to a Pastebin post, Anonymous said, “Jake Davis brought lulz to the oppressed. He spoke in a voice that resonated globally and reached us personally. We are sick of the twisted corporatocracy that controls us through our government, our news media, and our internet. From the remote and desolate Shetland Islands, Jake's voice reached millions. Perhaps the success of his message was in its simplicity, Together, united, we can stomp down our common oppressors and imbue ourselves with the power and freedom we deserve."

They state that Jake Davis may face jail time but a jail sentence to him was not a failure of any sort. The group goes on to state that if they were criminals, they would be rich. Since they are not, they are trying to raise money through BitCoin to help pay for his legal fees. The group is certainly sticking by each other and instead of worrying about getting caught; they still continue to target websites and 'expose' them .

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Published Date: Aug 03, 2011 10:19 am | Updated Date: Aug 03, 2011 10:19 am