Anonymous strikes down Andhra Pradesh Dev co. site

Anonymous is at it again, this time it’s the Andhra Pradesh Power Development company’s site that’s under attack. Accessing it directs you to a page that’s been planted by Anonymous on their site. The hacking was done this morning soon after which Anonymous and their associates posted messages talking about the hacking attack. The post read “#DEFACED --->”while some of the others posted messages such as “@AnonDDoS @Anon_Central @AnonHackNews Oops Tango Down and tango Defaced Viva #india” 

The defaced site

The defaced site



As with other hacked sites, Anonymous has left back their message on the now defaced site. 


We are anonymous.

We are legion.

We do not forgive.

We do not forget.

You should have expected us!

Citizens of India, This site was hacked to protest internet censorship. For the past few days we have been protesting internet censorship in India by taking down India government websites and any site that supports the blocking of file sharing websites. It is time you wake up to the nightmare that is your government! It is time you stand up for what is right. Do not let your government censor you! It is time for you to take charge. It is time you say "Enough is enough". It is time we end this cycle of corruption. Expect revolution, expect us!

Other Info:shoutout:coded32,code injector,sen,trooper,devil,w0rmer,random and entire anonymous india crew <3

twitter: @opindia_back

The post announcing the defacing

The post announcing the defacing



Anonymous India has continuously been attacking sites related to the government and political parties. Today’s attacks were a part of the build-up towards the 9th of June deadline that Anonymous has set for the government and ISPs who have blocked a number of sites over the past few weeks. File-sharing websites, like ThePirateBay and Vimeo were brought to their knees when all major ISPs across the nation went on a ‘torrent sites blocking spree’, in a bid to curb online piracy. A John Doe order, dated 29th of March, 2012  filed with the Madras High court by a Chennai-based firm, Copyright Labs had reportedly triggered off the entire incident and the issue at the heart of it was the release of two movies, Dhammu (Telugu) and 3 (Tamil). This move towards web censorship by the owners of the content did not go down too well with the popular hacktivist group, Anonymous and in their response to the block of the torrent sites, the group hacked the official websites of the Supreme Court and that of the All India Congress Committee, and Reliance, soon after.


Anonymous also has a peaceful protest planned for the 9th of June, which it plans to carry out across several cities in the country, which include Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Indore, among others on the aforementioned date. On the group’s blog page, the June 9 schedule has been put down.

Published Date: May 29, 2012 04:58 pm | Updated Date: May 29, 2012 04:58 pm