Anonymous' Operation India Facebook and Twitter Pages Deleted

The hacker group, Anonymous which is mostly known for bringing down Sony’s PlayStation Network, as well as other government websites had recently targeted the Indian Army’s website as well as the Indian Government National Informatics Center (NIC) website. The group apparently did this in retaliation to the mistreatment of Baba Ramdev, as also in an effort to curb the mounting corruption in the country.

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube page now inaccessable

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages now inaccessable


The group had started a Facebook page and a Twitter feed which cited their intentions. They proclaimed that the hacking of websites would not cease until their demands were met. These pages of theirs seem to have been deleted as people criticized their attack on the Indian army’s website. The group had also issued a video press release regarding the attacks on YouTube; however, this video stream also seems to be removed since it was deemed a violation against YouTube’s policy against spam, scams and commercially deceptive content.

When trying to access their Facebook page one gets directed to their Facebook home page and while trying to access their Twitter feed, a person is shown a page which says that the page does not exist.


Further to the attack on the Sony service, as well as the Indian government website, Anonymous have also reportedly targeted the Spanish police website in retaliation to the news that three of their hackers had been arrested. The Spanish police claim that the three members of the group were core members. Anonymous, however responded by saying that they did not arrest any core group, because they didn't have a core group.

Published Date: Jun 14, 2011 10:25 am | Updated Date: Jun 14, 2011 10:25 am