Anonymous’ OpCartel is still powering on

It was previously reported that hactivist group, Anonymous had a new target in the form of Mexican drug cartel, Los Zeta. This target is different from their usual hacks, as prior to this their hacks were targeted at various governments and corporations. The reason for this being different is that if they follow through with their exposing of various members of the cartel and people who deal with them including police and journalists. As per a report in a Mexican newspaper Milenio, it was believed that the Anonymous operation, OpCartel was cancelled citing safety concerns.

Barrett Brown does not fear for his own life

Barrett Brown does not fear for his own life


However, according to a report by CNET, Barrett Brown, a spokesman for Anonymous has said that the members of the hacker group have voted to carry on the operation as it was important. The release of the information about the cartel was set to take place on Saturday, the 4th of November, but will not happen as Anonymous needs more time with the information. He goes on to say that he could not reveal the identity of the Anonymous member that was kidnapped by Los Zeta as it would put his family and friends at risk.

Brown has said in a YouTube video that Operation Cartel was started by a small party of Anon,s a couple days back with the original intent of releasing names, (and) other identifying information of individuals in Veracruz, Mexico and elsewhere who are known to be involved with the Zetas cartel. He said that Anonymous has to verify what information would be released and that though there could be a potential risk, this would be a beneficial operation. After posting the video, through Twitter Brown said, “Just hours into gathering secondary intel, we have the name of a U.S. DA and evidence of his involvement.”

It seems that the Operation Cartel that has been undertaken by Anonymous is still up and running. The group is certainly taking a lot of risks that could be positive later on. Let us know your reactions on Anonymous battling Los Zeta in the comments below.