Anonymous member quits over way things are run

Hacker group Anonymous has been going through some turbulent weather of late. First it was some members of the hactivist group disagreeing with other members regarding the taking down of Facebook and now it comes in the form of a member quitting over what hacks are taking place. A hacker from Manchester, UK named Matthew who goes by the Twitter handle SparkyBlaze claims that all these hacks have gone too far.

SparkyBlaze quits Anonymous, reveals a bit about the group

SparkyBlaze quits Anonymous, reveals a bit about the group


According to a Pastebin post by SparkyBlaze, the former Anonymous member states, “Over the past few days I have been at a cross road with Anonymous. Why? Because I started to think.  So when I started with Anon I thought I was helping people, but over the past few months things inside Anon have changed. I am mostly talking about AntiSec and LulzSec. They both go against what I stand for (And what Anonymous says they stand for). AntiSec has released gig after gig of innocent people’s information. For what? What did they do? Does Anon have the right to remove the anonymity of innocent people? They are always talking about people’s right to remain anonymous so why are they removing that right?"

Regarding the hierarchy of Anonymous he states that they do have a leadership but they do not care when lower ranking members get arrested. He goes on to urge members of Anonymous to quit while they still can and that by taking down government websites they are not hurting any government but will be hurting only themselves in the long run. He goes on to say that there are other ways to help people besides joining Anonymous. SparkyBlaze ends by saying that not everything Anonymous have done is pointless, but most of it is nothing and is just getting kids arrested.

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Published Date: Aug 20, 2011 10:42 am | Updated Date: Aug 20, 2011 10:42 am