Anonymous Hacks Government Website to Protest Against Corruption

The world’s most popular online activist group Anonymous, best known for their hack on the PlayStation Network; have come out in support of a move against corruption in India by breaching an IT website of the Indian government - National Informatics Centre (NIC, INDIA).

These guys mean business

These guys mean business. Image Source


According to the Hacker News, Anonymous posted an image on the website with their logo along with a statement to the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh saying that this time they speak to the government of India through the NIC homepage and sub-domains. The post also goes on to say that there was no use trying to secure the websites or the need to get in forensics to help resolve the situation. The last line seems like a direct taunt at the government with the image saying that they do not like to talk too much and that it was their world, so expect them.

The realease that was sent out

The realease that was sent out


According to their Twitter posts, the group hacked the website in retaliation to the attacks on Baba Ramdev and to awaken the government. They have also started a movement on Twitter account named OperationIndia and have also started a group on Facebook - Anonymous have even issued a press release stating their cause and their intentions to fight against the removal of corruption in India in all its forms. They also stress on their support to Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev and other individuals who support the Jan Lokpal Bill. One of their requests included the request for severe punishment to be doled out to corrupt officials.

Tweeting for unity

Tweeting for unity. Image Source


Anonymous warned the government through their press release that until the above demands were met they wouldn’t stop the attacks on the websites. They ended the press release by saying that Anonymous and the people of India are speaking now.


However, irrespective of all the publicity the situation is bound to get, the NIC website seems to be back online and normal as of now.

Published Date: Jun 07, 2011 09:33 pm | Updated Date: Jun 07, 2011 09:33 pm