Anonymous Establish Snitch Sites

Online activist group Anonymous have been a lot in the news lately, most recently for their teaming up with hacker group LulzSec and posting sensitive data about various governments and other high profile targets. Now, a subgroup of Anonymous has started two ‘leak’ websites which contain sensitive data from governments and corporations. These groups are and

Hackers helping hackers!

Hackers helping hackers!


According to a report, the Local Leaks website contains information pertaining to corruption and wrongdoings such as police brutality, work place harassment, etc. at a local level. Users can submit information anonymously and the site states that their first priority is to provide a safe, secure and anonymous way for local government or corporate employees to disclose sensitive information.

The Hacker Leaks website is a place where hackers can disclose sensitive data they obtain. The site states "Hackers helping hackers to leak material of interest. You download it; we’ll disclose it for you.” The site received its first submission which was a list of personal information of Orlando, Florida officials. Anonymous have targeted several Orlando sites in protest of the arrests of members of the group Food not Bombs.

Commander X, Editor-in-Chief of the sites claims that they don’t obtain the material and that they merely publish it. Thereby further stating the fact that these websites do not violate any law.

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