Anonymous cancels OpCartel

Hacker group Anonymous had sought to expose a Mexican drug cartel named Los Zeta. After plans were shelved to carry on this operation earlier this week, the group’s spokesman Barrett Brown said that the plan was back on and they would continue with their operation titled OpCartel. In this operation, the group planned to expose the doings of the drug cartel and in the process the identities of those involved with them who include journalists and police officers. However, as per a report by CNET, these plans have been called off once again.

OpCartel is a no-go

OpCartel is a no-go


The report states that the reason for the operation by Anonymous was due to the fact that one of their members had been kidnapped and the group wanted to seek revenge for the same. But the kidnapped member has been returned and in a statement, Anonymous says, “although bruised, we can say he is safe and well."  Los Zetas is notoriously known for their violence and in response to the threat made by Anonymous they threaten that for each and every name that is linked with them is exposed, they would kill 10 people.

Hence, Anonymous has called off the operation and in the statement they state, “The Anonymous collective has decided by consensus that the information we have not disclosed for now, that we understand we cannot ignore threats that involve innocent people who have nothing to do with our actions.” Anonymous spokesman Brown told CNET that though they would not continue OpCartel, he would continue to gather intelligence regarding corruption of the government.

Hopefully, Anonymous will not continue with this operation as there would be unnecessary loss of innocent lives.


Published Date: Nov 05, 2011 09:27 am | Updated Date: Nov 05, 2011 09:27 am