'Anonymous' Attacks its Own Investigating Group

If you were missing some of the Dan-Brown-novel-in-real-life action, Anonymous is back to fill you up. This time, they tweeted that they managed to successfully hack into the website of one of its investigators, HBGary Federal as well as its CEO, Aaron Barr's Twitter account. And like the mark of Zorro, Anonymous tweeted from Barr's account saying, "Today we taught everyone a lesson. When we actually decide to bite back against those who try to bring us down, we bite hard".

Anonymous masks inspired by Guy Fawkes in front of the Church of Scientology in LA

In addition to hacking into his Twitter account, the group also claimed to have been able to extract personal information about Barr like his home address, social security number and cell phone number. The group also claimed to have hacked into COO, Ted Vera's LinkedIn account. Anonymous hacked into HBGary's websites, hbgary.com and hbgaryfederal.com, which have since been taken down. Anonymous had put up a page in the original page's place explaining its motives for the attack. The company also downloaded 60,000 of HBGary's emails and put them up on PirateBay. 

If you don't remember who Anonymous is, they're the guys behind the attacks on Wikileaks' attackers. It's a loose informal network of hackers who have no heirarchy and tend to communicate within Twitter and chat rooms. Rebellions of 'military rule' over the internet, the group has faced trouble for matters as far back as two years ago, when it attacked the Church of Scientology. They've come to fame with the Wikileaks scandal and it seems, they won't stop till the Death Star has been conquered. Real life metaphorically speaking of course. May the force be with you.

Published Date: Feb 08, 2011 04:28 pm | Updated Date: Feb 08, 2011 04:28 pm