Angry Birds Valentine's Day is Here and Bing's a Partner

The Angry Birds Seasons update is here and with it, it brings a bunch of love charged birds. If you've already finished Friday's Ham 'Em High update, here's 15 new levels for you (also, 15 more reasons to not have a life). What's interesting is this time, Rovio Mobile has gone above and beyond releasing just 15 new levels and 3 new eggs (which we haven't found yet but we're sniffing). Making sure that their social networking numbers are being taken care of, the update requires that you like Angry Birds on Facebook to unlock a 16th, 17th and 18th level. Also making sure that their own website gets a pageview, the option to like them on Facebook is available in the game but the link takes you to Rovio's mobile site first and then Facebook's mobile site.

Go get your Valentine on

The other interesting feature of the update is the Bing integration. When you fail a level, and the option comes up to either replay or go to the menu, there's also an option to "Bing and decide". Clicking on that takes you back to your mobile browser and Bings "Angry Birds Seasons". It's meant to take you to forums and places where you'd get tips for overcoming levels. This option is also present in the screen where the golden eggs would show but there's been no help on Bing for where the golden eggs are in the new update.

The next Angry Birds release will be next month, with Angry Birds Rio. Stay tuned for that and any other unexpected update.