Angry Birds to hit television this year; movie by 2015

They are angry, they are popular and they will be hitting TV screens this year, reports Daily Mail. One of the most popular games of all times, which reportedly has been downloaded some 700 million times, so far; Angry Birds will soon be a weekly TV cartoon series, and if reports are to be believed then a total of 52 episodes will be aired this year. Now, if you’re already drawing conclusions about what the series will be all about, i.e. slingshots, angry birds, pigs, some more slingshots; then, you will be surprised! If the makers are to be believed then the weekly TV series will not be so much about the entire action in the game, but, will go deeper into the feelings of the birds and will try to analyse why are the birds always angry? Surprises just don’t end here. Reportedly, a full-length, Angry Birds movie is in the works, too and should near completion by 2015. Rovio, the makers of the game believe that they have just begun with the setting up of an entertainment brand, called Angry Birds and they the make it a permanent part of the pop culture.

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No one's unfamiliar with Angry Birds, and most of us at least have a clue of it, if not have played it. Catapulting grumbling birds, aimed at a bunch of pigs sticking their head out of crannies became instant hits and as aforementioned triggered some 700 million downloads, which is a mammoth of a number. According to reports, their parent company, Rovio is now worth roughly  £5.6 billion - a figure it reached just two years after the game debuted. Plans of opening branded retail stores in China, soon, too form a part of the company's bigger plans. Only recently, the latest Angry Birds game - Angry Birds Space was launched, and it spelt promising from the word go. The latest game, although followed the angry birds and the pigs, the premise was new - Space! To know more about how we liked it, check out our detailed review of Angry Birds Space.

Published Date: Apr 03, 2012 03:41 pm | Updated Date: Apr 03, 2012 03:41 pm