Angry Birds to come alive on F1 racetrack in Singapore

The weekend will see the mobile gaming sensation, Angry Birds, entertain live audiences in Singapore. Coming together with Singapore Telecommunications, the makers of the raging hit, Angry Birds, will have live audiences in Singapore play the crowd game, controlling the slingshot with their voices. Amazed? Well, if reports are to be believed then Rovio, Singapore Telecommunications and Uplause Ltd. have some crazy plans up their sleeve. Uplause Ltd., a Finland-based company are best known for having created the world's first live event gaming platform. Like mentioned above, unlike the actual game where users control their slingshots with weapons for the pigs with touch-based gestures, in the live game users will control their slingshots on life-sized screens with their voices! 


Swooping down on the racetrack, near you!

Swooping down on the racetrack, near you!



After Singapore, Rovio will take this 'live crowd gaming' experience to other popular locations, like to some of the biggest rock concerts, sports stadiums, among other wide-scaled events. This move by Rovio, that of taking its superhit, entertaining mobile game, Angry Birds to other whacky platforms comes as a part of its aim to expand the brand. 


Source: Agencies

Published Date: Sep 22, 2011 06:09 pm | Updated Date: Sep 22, 2011 06:09 pm