Angry Birds Space updated with 10 new levels

Rovio Entertainment appears to be taking good care of all its games. After recently releasing an update for Bad Piggies, Rovio has now updated Angry Birds Space with 10 new levels.

With the update, a player can get 10 new levels of the Red Planet, and the main concept of the story is that the Bad Piggies are still hiding out on the fiery planet with the commandeered Mars Curiosity Rover. The plot of the game is for the birds to recover the eggs and rescue the rogue rover.

With 10 new levels on the Red Planet

With 10 new levels on the Red Planet


The 10 new levels feature on the Red Planet, and it also includes Curiosity Rover boss level. Another feature found here is that if one can get three stars in all levels, one can unlock an antenna egg level. Also, if a hidden rover has been found, then a player can unlock a super-secret bonus level. There are all new space eagle bonus levels, one per episode. If one gets 100 percent on the space eagle destruction metre then one can unlock five new levels.

When Angry Birds Space was first launched the game as the name suggests is set in space and is available for iOS, Android, PC and Mac with a whole new set of characters, scenarios and of course, the twisted physics of space.

The storyline of the game is this: A giant claw kidnaps the birds' eggs and they follow it into a wormhole and they are suddenly in a whole new galaxy. The Angry Birds now also have superpowers of their own. There are 60 new levels in this all new game. The first world is called Pig Bang, the next Cold Cuts, and the next Eggsteroids. There is also a world called Danger Zone, which is tougher than the other levels. The game has an all new trajectory, which will help you a bit by showing you the path that your bird will use to fly. Also, the pigs rest in bubbles inside which, the birds behave a little differently than outside.

The big thing to remember is that you are in space in this game. Where in the regular Angry Birds games on this planet, gravity provided some pig smashing services, you are relying mostly on the birds and a little bit on the rocks that the pigs sit on to destroy ham. Also, in some levels, you're no longer tossing the birds from left to right. The first few levels should get you a little more tuned to the new physics that this game involves.


The Angry Birds Space game was created in collaboration with NASA. Flight Engineer, Don Pettit, explains how the space organisation worked with Rovio, especially on creating a zero gravity simulated trajectory (watch the video above). Also, in case you missed it, iOS users, regular Angry Birds updated yesterday with a whole new tropical world for you. Angry Birds Rio was also updated with some bonus levels in the Awards section.

Published Date: Nov 03, 2012 01:09 pm | Updated Date: Nov 03, 2012 01:09 pm