Angry Birds Space comes to BlackBerry, updates for iOS and Android

When Angry Birds Space first came out in  March, two platforms were noticeably missing, Windows Phone and BlackBerry. While Rovio execs are still torn over ABS for the Windows Phone platform, the BlackBerry version of the game hit the App World. The original Angry Birds itself came to the BlackBerry platform in December of 2011, around a year and a half after the game first launched. Also, when the original Angry Birds came to the BlackBerry platform, the only device to support the game was the PlayBook. Now, Angry Birds Space is selling in the BlackBerry App World also only for PlayBooks so far, for $2.99 (approx Rs. 149). This is interesting because while the game sells for the same price as the other Angry Birds versions on iOS, in the App World Angry Birds Space is cheaper than the other versions of the game which sell for $4.99 (approx Rs. 249).

Blast off!

Blast off to umm BlackBerry




The Angry Birds Space that's launched for the BlackBerry PlayBook contains the same goodness it did with the other platforms. There are 60 interstellar levels, a new bird while the others have adapted appearances and powers, zero gravity space adventures and hidden bonus levels (the purple elements that take you to another dimension). It only makes sense to bring this game to the PlayBook. After all, it did reach 10 million downloads in 3 days. There have also been issues of malware in Angry Birds Space for Android, affecting users who bought the game in unofficial Android markets.


For all the iOS and Android users out there, Angry Birds Space has updated to release 10 new levels in a whole new world. The world is called "Fry Me To The Moon" and pretty much contains the same gameplay and birds as the previous levels. This level really forces you to play with the overlapping gravity bubbles and literally makes you chase the pigs in their own little bubbles. I haven't found an eggsteroid yet, however, there is a purple, "warp me to another dimension" element in one of the levels with an interesting version of pig pong. The update also provides you with 20 free Mighty Eagles, which, if you remember from the review, only have one use. Otherwise you have to buy them as in app purchases. Are you sick of Angry Birds Space by now though? Let us know in the comments section below.