Angry Birds go from phone to reality

If the headline of this story has given you Alfred Hitchcock type nightmares, I apologize (Birds anyone?). But this is seriously cool. We all know Angry Birds is exploding in a metaphorical fashion with plush toys in space, millions upon millions of downloads, recipe books and now an Angry Birds store. What's left you might ask? A not-so metaphorical explosion. Check out the video below that was shot in Barcelona this past summer. It's an ad for T-Mobile, but the set up was very real. Birds were first positioned and tossed on phones that had the game loaded and that were connected to another set up. Then, in front of your very eyes, you would see a constructed bird burst out of a box and hurl towards the pigs set up in their usual wood, glass and brick mazes.




It's amazing how much detail they were able to put into the video. The blue bird actually split into three birds upon touch and the black bird actually exploded when it landed on the pigs' maze. The white bird's egg was a little lukewarm, but what made up for it immensely was how the pigs exploded. Make sure you have the sound up when you view the video too, the music is awesome, but what's more awesome are the regular game sounds (the birds sqawking and the pigs squealing) that make the event even more real.


SOURCE: Boy Genius Report

Published Date: Nov 16, 2011 10:35 am | Updated Date: Nov 16, 2011 10:35 am