Angry Birds For Android Gets a MASSIVE Update

Angry Birds for Android just got a massive update. The number 2 app in the Android Marketplace (this week at least) can updated to have 45 (!!!!!) new levels. The new levels are in the world, "The Big Setup" which already is available for the iPhone (nyah nyah) where the blood-thirsty birds are battling the egg-munching pigs in a world of construction. On the iPhone, "The Big Setup" also introduces a new bird, the big fat red one, so it should logically also be introduced in the Android version. The total number of levels in the Android version is now 195.

Want bacon?

In addition to the new level, the update, dubbed Angry Birds version 1.4.2 also supports QVGA graphics, so users of this compact screen size can play the game flawlessly. The application update is available from the Android Marketplace and Get Jar for free.

What's not available for free, but still involves Angry Birds fun times are the Angry Birds plush toys, which are available for pre-order. They may look conniving, frustrated or plain bat-sh*t crazy, but how freaking awesome would it be to toss these around the house at people/objects? They're available for $14.99 each in the Angry Birds Online Shop .

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Published Date: Nov 10, 2010 03:02 pm | Updated Date: Nov 10, 2010 03:02 pm