Angry Birds beaten out of its top spot by Disney

It's quite impressive that Angry Birds has managed to hold its spot in the iOS App Store. Most days it's number one, though at times it has moved down to number 3 or 4. Usually, the game moves down temporarily, because of another independant game or app that comes around like Little Wings, but this time, its descent could mark the beginning of a whole new movement. The furious feathers got pushed down by a game called, "Where's My Water", which comes from none other than children's entertainment giant, Disney.

The birds have a new enemy

The birds have a new enemy




It's no secret that both Disney and Electronic Arts, with their deep pockets and even deeper troves of talent are eyeing the mobile development space, currently dominated by Rovio Mobile (creators of Angry Birds) and Zynga (Farmville, Words With Friends etc). Disney's game, "Where's My Water" could be what it needs to revive its electronic unit, which consists of games that are online, mobile and social, as well as their virtual world, "Club Penguin".


"Where's My Water" features Disney's first character developed specifically for a mobile game, Swampy the alligator. Disney usually brings characters from movies to its games and theme parks, but Swampy does have the potential to get its own movie and tv show. Swampy might even eventually get Disney theme park presence. Swampy likes cleanliness, but the other alligators don't like that about him. They sabotage his water supply, so your job is to help Swampy by guiding water to his bathtub. Hazards include algae, toxic ooze, triggers and traps.


It will be interesting to see how long Swampy stays at the top of the charts. Angry Birds, while still fun, hasn't really brought anything innovative to the table in a while. Do the birds have a new villain? He's still green, but just of a different species?