Andy Rubin backed startup 'Lighthouse' unveils security system that can recognise people and pets

Lighthouse, an independent startup backed by Android creator Andy Rubin, has unveiled a home security camera that incorporates deep learning and 3D sensing technology. This allows the camera to determine who is in the house, what room they are in, and if that’s a normal occurrence.

It comes with a companion app for Android and iOS devices which connects over Wi-Fi and can warn users if there is an unauthorized entry in their house. Users can also get notifications when their kids get home or if a pet leaves the house. It can also learn who to expect in a household on a daily basis,The Lighthouse is a kit that includes an RGB camera, 3D sensor, speaker, microphone, and siren. The camera has night vision and can captures 1080p videos. With this hardware, the company says that users can get a smarter security camera that can serve as a 24x7 assistant to the home.

The companion app features voice recognition similar to Siri or Google Assistant.Users can ask questions and give commands. For instance you asked the system to inform you when your spouse reaches home. The app will then push a notification whenever it next sees your spouse at home. Of course you need to assign names to everyone while setting up the system.

Sounds promising but it somehow reminds me of a similar system Microsoft showcased at it ongoing Build 2017 developer conference. The future of AI, it seems is slowly going to enter our homes and work places, but are we ready for it?

Published Date: May 11, 2017 05:52 pm | Updated Date: May 11, 2017 05:52 pm