Android Market Glitch Allows 'Free' Paid Apps

Ever wanted to use a paid app without having to pay for it? Well, it seems that your wishes have come true thanks to a glitch which is plaguing the Android Market.

Step right up and get it for free...

Step right up and get it for free...


The glitch, which has occurred in Google Checkout, allows for paid apps to be downloaded for free. According to Phandroid, whenever an app is bought from the Android Market, users get a conformation email stating that their credit card is being charged. But due to the glitch, the purchase never goes through, while the purchase still shows as ‘charged’. Authorization on the purchase ends with the user getting the app for ‘free’.

Developers have been losing both money and sleep over the matter. Developers over at Google Support Forums have commented on the issue. A user by the name of ‘epek.ware’ says, “This issue has been going on for several weeks. Sometimes Google fixes it in time and all your past orders are charged, and sometimes they get to it too late and you lose a lot of money.  Looks like this is one of the times we lose money.  I already have a few orders where the authorization expired. How is it possible for a company as huge as Google to be this negligent with developers?”

While another user said, “I'm having the same problem, I can see cards are being authorized but not being charged. I don't know whether the customers are getting the apps or not or seeing some error. It's been 24 hours & no one has cancelled the orders. What the hell Google is doing?"

With Google’s I/O conference starting in a few hours from now, this will certainly be one of the talking points at the event.