Android Market App Suggestions are now more Relevant

Android Market’s desktop version has offered app suggestions since launch, but the suggestions have now gotten an added touch of relevancy. Earlier, apps suggested were randomly picked on the bases of developer, popularity and category, but now they will also include results based on what apps users have installed.

Everyone's got a suggestion

Everyone's got a suggestion



If you take a look at any app page now, you’ll notice an addition to the sidebar which shows you what others who looked at the same app also went on to look at. This feature is very similar to Amazon’s “users who bought this item also bought” feature. Similarly, if you download the app, it shows you what other users of the app have installed on their Android device.

The new feature isn’t really a major one that’ll be a godsend for future generations, but as small as it is, you’ve got to say the little touches sometimes make a great difference.


via: Android Police

Published Date: May 11, 2011 11:43 pm | Updated Date: May 11, 2011 11:43 pm