Android-based console GamePop to cost $129, scheduled for shipping this winter

Announced back in May, the GamePop console finally has a price and a launch window. The latest in a line of Android-based gaming consoles will be launched for $129, which translates to roughly Rs 7,297, and is scheduled for launch this winter, according to Polygon. The price of the console is a full $31 (roughly Rs 1,750) more expensive than its competitor, the Ouya.

After paying the price of the console, you will have to get its subscription plan of $6.99 per month (approximately Rs 395), which gets you access to all the games in its library for as long as you pay the subscription fee, as well as any other online service that may pop up on it. The console connects to a TV using an HDMI port. Pre-ordering a one year subscription for the GamePop will get you the console and a controller free.

The GamePop does seem to look rather stylish

Looks a lot like the Boxee


Comparisons can be drawn between the business model of the GamePop and popular video streaming service Netflix. Both services rely on an all-you-can-eat-buffet style of giving you complete access to all the content for a monthly or yearly subscription fee. BlueStacks itself is referring to it as a "Netflix for games".

A number of developers have signed up to develop for the console, including Glu Mobile, Halfbrick, Intellijoy, Deemedya and OutFi7. “BlueStacks has credibility in the microconsole space that others just don’t have,” said Halfbrick CEO Shainiel Deo.

The Android-based console market hasn't even kicked off yet and already the competition seems to be fierce. At this point, those interested in buying one of these consoles can pick between the Ouya, the GameStick and the GamePop.

Published Date: Jun 03, 2013 10:02 AM | Updated Date: Jun 03, 2013 10:02 AM