Android App Helps You Get Out of Work With an Alibi

February is the time of year when people get the winter 'blues' (or if you're in a tropical country, the heat's coming back) and are most likely to skip work. Particularly, the week of Feb 7th till the 14th (do those chances increase for people not looking forward to a certain lovesick day in that time period?). Taking this information into account, a group called Gospelware (insert obligatory gasp at name here) has created an Android app called Skiver which gives you, literally, excuses to skip work.

Winter blues getting you down?

The app is forward thinking, in that you can put in how many days you want off and it gives you a realistic number of illnesses you can have for that time period. It even gives you the exact list of symptoms you can write in your email, heck, it will give you a pre-prepared email that you can shoot to your boss. The app also uses Google Maps to find out what events are happening in your area so you're not just stuck at home on your day off, but you better keep checking your Foursquare to make sure no one from work is at the event.