An Era Ends As the Typewriter Goes Extinct

As every new technology that hits the block is welcomed with open arms, an older one quietly slips out from the backdoor and disappears into the oblivion. Over the years, several gadgets were left to bite dust, and were shown the door. Today, it’s the turn of the loyal typewriter.

A piece from the era gone by!

A piece from the era gone by!


The last manufacturer of the typewriter in the city – Godrej and Boyce has pulled the plug off the typewriter. Situated in Mumbai, India – The Godrej and Boyce unit took this decision post the number of orders it got, began declining sharply, stated Milind Dukle, General Manager of the company. With Godrej and Boyce now shutting their unit, the only typewriter manufacturer is now out of the picture, completely.

In a race to embrace the sleeker, more stylish gadgets, the typewriter was left to wage a lone battle. India, however, still had traces of it until recently. However, although no one really used it anymore, the typewriter still managed to stay as a coveted possession for many.

The first mass production of the typewriter began only in 1868, although the prototype of it was available since 1714. Now, with the last unit shutting down, a 143-year old romanticized journey has come to an end. We bid a respectable adieu!

Published Date: Apr 26, 2011 05:09 pm | Updated Date: Apr 26, 2011 05:09 pm