AMD 'Zambezi' FX-Series CPU Gets a Price Tag

We aren’t sure which one yet, but either the FX-8150P or the FX-8100 will be priced at roughly US $300 (Rs.13,500 approx). This eight core CPU will compete directly with Intel’s Sandy Bridge series, especially the 2600K, which retails at more or less the same price. Early rumours about the pricing turned out to be right, after all. The new chip should start hitting stores, come September.

The Bulldozers are coming

The Bulldozers are coming


The update on the pricing was actually accidentally leaked by AMD themselves, through a FX Giveaway competition. Insideris website went poking around the terms and condition section of the competition, when they stumbled upon this line, 'Top tier prizes: Five (5) AMD FX series eight-core processors. Approximate Retail Value: $300 USD each.' This is what gave away the possible pricing for the flagship CPU. I wouldn’t bother with the contest as it’s for US and Canadian residents only.

AMD is pitching their FX series against Intel’s upcoming Sandy Bridge-E processors, as well as Ivy Bridge, which will use the new Socket 2011. AMD has made some last minute changes, which is why Bulldozer got delayed in the first place. Let’s hope they used that time well.

Published Date: Jul 29, 2011 06:48 pm | Updated Date: Jul 29, 2011 06:48 pm