AMD Steals ‘World’s Fastest Notebook GPU’ Crown from Nvidia with HD 6990M

Just a couple of weeks ago, Nvidia were on cloud nine when they announced the GTX 580M, the world’s fastest notebook GPU. Just today, AMD seems to have snatched that title away from Nvidia with the launch of HD 6990M which they claim to be up to 25% faster than Nvidia’s offering.

Just to be clear, the HD 6990M is not indicative of its desktop counterpart and this is still a single core GPU with CrossFireX capabilities. The graphics chip will support Eyefinity, DX11 and Stereo 3D capabilities. This GPU will go on to replace the HD 6970M, their current fastest notebook graphics card. Take a look at the specifications below:

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Just like the GTX 580M, AMD’s HD 6990M will first feature in Alienware’s M18x. Customers will have an option to choose between these two cards, in either single or dual configurations. No news on when this will be avilable in India, but if Nvidia is to launch the GTX 580M for the M17x, the HD 6990M should'nt be too far off.  

Published Date: Jul 12, 2011 11:19 am | Updated Date: Jul 12, 2011 11:19 am