AMD gives $50,000 in charity for the @AMD Twitter handle

AMD has finally got its initials to feature on the company's official Twitter handle. The 44-year-old company, one of the leaders in making semi-conductors, is officially called "Advanced Micro Devices", but is best known as AMD. For years though, the company had to make do with another Twitter handle, @amd_unprocessed, because the @AMD handle was already taken.

Meet Adam M Doppelt, a Seattle-based entrepreneur who shares the same initials as the multi-billion dollar company. Years ago, the 37-year-old chose the Twitter handle @AMD while making his account.


What followed next was nothing short of amazing. According to GeekWire, the company got its marketing team to follow up with Doppelt for the past two years for his Twitter handle. Doppelt was first approached by AMD’s John Peters in 2011. The company initally began its talk by offering a few laptops with AMD processors inside in exchange for the Twitter handle.

AMD has given $50,000 to charity in a unique deal for the @AMD Twitter handle

AMD has given $50,000 to charity in a unique deal for the @AMD Twitter handle


Doppelt had other plans, however. The founder of Urbanspoon and Dwellable insisted that the company put in $50,000 in donations to Seattle-based charities. While the company initially took this lightly, today AMD has relented, paying $25,000 to two charities, FareStart and the Boys & Girls Club of Bellevue. While Doppelt selected FareStart, AMD chose the second charity to lend its support.


Now the company has made the transition from @amd_unprocessed and donned the @AMD handle. Adam M Doppelt, in the meanwhile, will now go by the Twitter handle @adamdoppelt. One of the charities being benifited, FareStart is pleased about the unique deal, to say the least. The charity, which deals with teaching restaurant jobs skills and feeding the poor, was verbal in thanking both the AMDs for the generous gesture while talking to GeekWire.

While Doppelt’s intentions were noble, we don’t think that most other Twitter users may be quite so charitable. And with the Internet sphere becoming more and more important for companies, it may soon be that some lucky users will find a considerable pot of gold waiting for them, courtesy their Twitter handles.  

Published Date: Jun 12, 2013 05:12 pm | Updated Date: Jun 12, 2013 05:12 pm