AMD announces FirePro GPU workstations in India

AMD has recently announced its latest line of workstation graphics cards, the AMD FirePro graphics processing units (GPUs) in India. According to AMD, the FirePro W9000 GPU features incredible compute and increased memory bandwidth and offers better multi-display support performance than the competing solution. AMD has also launched the AMD FirePro W8000, W7000 and W5000 workstation graphics cards, which are all built on the AMD Graphics Core Next Architecture, and designed to balance compute and 3D workloads efficiently for computer-aided design and engineering, and for media and entertainment professionals.

AMD FirePro A300 Series accelerated processing unit (APU) is designed for entry-level and mainstream desktop workstations. Featuring AMD Eyefinity multi-display technology, the new AMD FirePro A300 Series APUs are designed for users who require a high-performance computing platform to power their computer-aided design, and media and entertainment workflows.

David Cummings, Senior Director, Engineering WS Graphics, AMD said, “As professionals work with larger data sets that demand advanced visualization and complex models, they need a graphics solution that is fast, powerful, and reliable. Certified for today’s software applications, the new AMD FirePro workstation graphics cards bring a range of features and capabilities for professionals working in digital signage, broadcast graphics, CAD/CAE and M&E, delivering the ideal balance of power, performance and reliability at the right price point.”

FirePro W8000 announced in India

FirePro W8000 announced in India


“Design professionals demand workstation-class tools that enable productivity and flexibility in their workflow, and the AMD FirePro A300 Series APUs enable workstation integrators and OEMs an exciting new computing platform on which to design and build powerful, entry-level desktop workstation configurations that deliver unbeatable value for CAD and M&E workflows,” added Mr. Cummings. "The AMD FirePro A300 Series APUs combines AMD FirePro graphics technology with advanced CPU technology, delivering incredible compute performance, refined design flexibility and outstanding efficiency."

AMD FirePro W9000 – AMD states that through GCN and GeometryBoost , the AMD FirePro W9000 workstation GPU delivers a 1.95 billon triangles per second, which is 1.5 times as great as the competitor’s most powerful workstation graphics card, and up to 83 percent greater memory bandwidth than the competing solution, for application responsiveness.

AMD FirePro W8000 - This workstation GPU, features Error Correcting Code (ECC) memory support and offers dual-precision compute performance which is up to 2.2 times as fast as the competing solution. AMD states that this helps professionals experience accuracy in calculations performed for structural and molecular analysis and computational dynamics without impacting application performance.

AMD FirePro W7000 – AMD claims that this workstation GPU is up to five times as fast as the competing solution in single-precision compute performance.

AMD FirePro W5000 - AMD claims that this workstation GPU is the most powerful mid-range workstation graphics card ever created, delivering better resolution, memory and display output performance than the competing card.

AMD FirePro A300 Series APUs - AMD FirePro A300 Series APUs are the first single-chip processors capable of delivering the workstation-class visual computing performance required for professional design workflows and deliver performance for the entry-level and mainstream workstation segments, providing a perfect blend of CPU and GPU performance features to keep design professionals efficient:


  • Support for AMD Eyefinity Technology for enhanced efficiency and immersive, multi-monitor productivity
  • AMD Turbo Core technology, where CPU and GPU performance are dynamically scaled depending on workload demands, effectively providing a more responsive experience;
  • Support for horizontal display resolutions up to 10,240 x 1600 pixels, enabling large desktop spaces across multiple high-resolution display devices for advanced multitasking;
  • Support for Discrete Compute Offload (DCO), allowing additional compute capability by using discrete AMD FirePro GPUs in parallel with APU graphics for extended GPGPU performance;
  • 30-bit color support to enable breathtaking image and colour fidelity for advanced workflows such as color correction and image processing when using displays capable of 10-bit-per-channel operation;
  • Dedicated UVD (universal video decoder/VCE, or video CODEC engine) media encoding hardware for faster “fixed function” GPU processing of H.264/MPEG4 files and other motion media formats when using compatible software, to free up CPU resources for other tasks


Here is a look at the prices of the AMD workstation GPUs :

  • FirePro W9000 6G - Rs 3,00,000
  • FirePro W8000 4G - Rs 1,28,000
  • FirePro W7000 4G - Rs 69,000
  • FirePro W5000 2G - Rs 45,000
  • FirePro S9000 6G - Rs1,95,000
  • FirePro S7000 4G - Rs 1,00,000
  • FirePro W600 2G - Rs 45,000

Published Date: Nov 07, 2012 05:58 pm | Updated Date: Nov 07, 2012 05:58 pm