AMD 990X-based ASUS Sabertooth Detailed

Motherboards for AMD’s upcoming Bulldozer processors are soon to release. Details for many boards have been leaked online and one of the more interesting ones is of course, ASUS’ Sabertooth range of boards. Images of an an AMD 990X based Sabertooth board have appeared on the web. 

A familiar face - new chipset, old design.

A familiar face - new chipset, old design



Images and details of the board were displayed on The highly detailed images show the same ceramic heatsink design seen on previous boards based on the X58 and P55 chipset for Intel processors. The board has most of the standard features we’ve come to see from recent boards. It has SATA3 and USB3 support and there are plenty of those ports on the board to use. NVIDIA has already confirmed that the new AMD 990FX chipset would support SLI as well, so you should be able to use the power or multiple AMD or NVIDIA based graphics cards using CrossFire or SLI. There are a few changes that are visible as well – the bracket for the CPU cooler is more compact and split up. The other minor change you’ll notice is that the processor socket is colored grey instead of the usual white.

There is no official date for the launch of this board yet.


Source: VR-Zone,

Published Date: May 19, 2011 10:27 am | Updated Date: May 19, 2011 10:27 am