Amazon's Kindle is Being Offered by HomeShop18

While we don’t really have a huge population who would buy an e-book reader, the Kindle is something more than just that. And at a price of Rs. 7,999 it's a bit of a steal. HomeShop18 has this e-book reader on pre-order now.

As the site says...

As the site says...


If you check the site, HomeShop18 has the sponsored Wi-Fi only version of the Amazon Kindle at Rs. 7,999. In contrast, the Graphite Wi-Fi version (the one we reviewed a while back) has been priced at Rs. 9,100. Finally, the Wi-Fi + 3G Graphite version is priced at Rs. 12,100. The Kindle has a 6-inch E-Ink Pearl display type and can store about 3,500 books which can be downloaded online from Amazon.

Now that we’ve seen the Kindle on HomeShop18, we definitely hope to see it launch officially in India as soon as possible. Earlier, the Apple iPad 2 which was offered did make an official appearance. However, we still have to see RIM’s PlayBook and the Motorola Xoom make it official in the country. Keeping fingers crossed on this one!

Published Date: May 27, 2011 12:00 pm | Updated Date: May 27, 2011 12:00 pm