Amazon to House an App Store

If recent reports are to be believed, Inc., the largest online retailer is opening a store to sell software for the Android mobile operating system.  This move of it would take its rivalry with Google Inc. to a new level.
to watch out for..

to watch out for..


Although, Amazon has been unclear on the launch date of the store, it has stated that it would keep 30% of the revenues generated by the application sales, whereas the remainder 70% share would go to the developers. Competitor Google also gives its developers 70% of its app sales and splits the rest among carriers and payment processors.

With this move, Amazon aims to tap into the rising demand for games and entertainment that can be easily downloaded on mobile phones. According to Booz & Co, the games and entertainment sector was pegged at $14.3 billion last year, is poised to reach the $40 billion mark by 2014. Quoting Aaron Rubenson, who oversees Amazon's app store, “There is a huge volume of apps out there. The challenge that creates for the Android ecosystem is it can be hard to find the products that are relevant to you. We've spent years developing an e-commerce platform that helps customers find relevant products amidst a massive selection."

Getting started with the app store is very easy. For firsts, it can be easily downloaded to a phone or a tablet computer. These apps can also be brought on using a one-click that navigates the users back to their Amazon account. This method seems far superior to manually entering their credit card number for each purchase. This service will flag off in the US.  

Published Date: Mar 03, 2011 03:26 pm | Updated Date: Mar 03, 2011 03:26 pm