All mobile top-up vouchers above Rs. 20 to have processing fee

After setting up new guidelines for mobile banking, TRAI plans to put into affect some processing fee for mobile recharge vouchers as well. According to the latest report, telecom regular TRAI has now approved a hike for all mobile recharge coupons (top-up vouchers) which are priced more than INR20. However, there won’t be any processing fee for vouchers priced below INR20. 

Why extra charges on SMS during special occasions

Why extra charges on SMS during special occasions


It is after two years that TRAI has cleared an amendment made to the Telecom Tariff Order of an increase of 50 percent in the charge. "Authority has decided to increase the ceiling on Processing Fee on Top up vouchers to INR3 from INR2 in respect of Top up vouchers having maximum retail price (MRP) of INR20 and above and to continue with the existing ceiling of INR2 in respect of top up vouchers having MRP of less than INR20," TRAI said in TTO.

So, obviously, this new change is set to affect about 90 percent pre-paid users and the processing fee will be a part of the MRP of the recharge coupon purchased. However, TRAI has also said that most service providers do not have top up vouchers below INR20 and also ordered these service providers to make available at least one top up voucher worth INR10. "With a view to protect the interests of users, the Authority mandates that every service provider shall offer and make available to the consumer at least one top up voucher, of denomination of INR10," TRAI said.

This order follows the written submission by telecom industry body COAI and AUSPI to the Telecom regulatory Authority of India. It states that there have been inflationary pressures over the last three years, from the time TRAI prescribed the ceiling of INR2. COAI says that there have been a rising cost of services with salary hikes and wages, increased diesel cost and transportation. TRAI has declared that there wouldn’t be any processing fee for top ups below INR20 in order to save interest of low usage subscribers.

Published Date: Apr 20, 2012 03:19 pm | Updated Date: Apr 20, 2012 03:19 pm