All Facebook company profiles will have Timeline tomorrow

Facebook's switching all company pages over to Timeline tomorrow and they've reminded everyone, from users to Page administrators that all their pages will go live tomorrow. Administrators, especially for pages of companies have had a month to curate their Timelines before they go live. The Timelines go live on Friday, Pacific Standard Time and we should see them live here on Saturday. Facebook says, "Reminder! Tomorrow starting at 11am PST we will begin to migrate Pages who have not upgraded yet to the new Timeline format. If you admin one of those Pages, you still have time to get your Page ready by adding a cover photo, milestones, etc. before tomorrow! Check out these tips from other Page admins, here.

Seems fun but garners concern

Company Page Timelines will be pushed out tomorrow





Facebook announced that they would roll out Timeline for companies, earlier this month, saying that the profile page for a company would look very similar to that of a regular user. The Timeline page of a company will have both, a profile picture and a cover image. Administrators will be able to 'star' particular stories on their Timelines to make them stand out. Administrators will also be able to 'pin' posts, which will place a post on the top left of the Timeline for seven days, putting it in a prominent position. Like individual profile pages, business pages will also have milestones on their Timeline. So while an individual can add when they were born, a business can add when they were created.


Furthermore, when someone visits a page, they will be able to see their friends' activities, more specifically friends' recent posts on the page. There will also be an Admin panel where administrators will be able to track their activity and performance, as well as send and reply to private messages that come to the page account. Facebook started rolling out private messaging to company pages about two months ago.


While Facebook has rolled out Timeline to all company pages and will be making them live tomorrow, they still have not mentioned when Timeline will be mandatory and published for all individual users yet. Facebook started rolling out Timeline to users about two months ago and a study revealed that 51% of users have concerns about Facebook's Timeline. The study also revealed that only 8% of users like Facebook Timeline. Do you like Facebook Timeline? Let us know the comments below.


Published Date: Mar 30, 2012 05:18 pm | Updated Date: Mar 30, 2012 05:18 pm