Akai launches 29-inch LED29E12 in India for Rs. 21,990

With price playing a crucial factor while purchasing a television, several brands are pricing their models aggressively to battle the increasing competition. Akai, one of the largest Japanese Consumer Electronics brands with over eight decades of lineage as a technology innovator in consumer electronics, has recently launched India’s first 29-inch LED Television model LED29E12. This model features a modern design and great looks with a thin bezel measuring a mere 9 mm. Televisions having a narrow bezel is the latest trend in LED televisions the world over.

Available for Rs. 21,990

Available for Rs. 21,990


The brand claims that its new 29-inch LED TV is the ultimate union of performance and style. The ultra slim 29-inch LED TV has a special Blu-ray USB feature that  allows the user to enjoy playback of Full HD  movies straight on the LED TV through the provided USB slots. Besides full HD format, these USB slots have capability of playing all popular movie, picture and music formats. Other key features include natural light technology with a dynamic backlight, brushed finish, 3D dynamic noise reduction, 3D comb filter and dynamic skin correction.

The model comes with 236 channels that also allow one to pack in sports, movies and games with a backlit picture, amplified and enhanced surround sound, and convenience of sleep timer and picture freeze.

Akai's 29-inch LED TV is paired with a dynamic contrast ratio of 100000:1, one HDMI slot and two USB ports for both movies and still photos along with sound output of 400W PMPO. The LED TV is also equipped with wide viewing angle and 16.7 million colours display, which further enhance the picture details like colour saturation, sharpness and luminance. 

The fact that Akai is selling this LED television at this price is a great feat. If you are a bit in the dark about the difference between an LED TV and an LCD TV, here is a small brief to help you out.

Prior to LED televisions, LCD televisions used to have fluorescent tubes to light up the display. These tubes are known as CCFL - Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps. LCD televisions using CCFL have a number of lights that run along the back of the screen. This makes the TVs using CCFLs a lot thicker, as compared to LED backlit TVs. Most LCD televisions still use this technology for the panels, which distributes the light evenly across the display. LED-backlit TVs are by no means replacing LCD TVs with CCFLs, as of now. They are merely offering the consumer a choice of having the better technology both in the form of quality, as well as aesthetics. However, LEDs do this job way better and are more efficient, as compared to CCFLs. To get into it further, an LED TV is basically an LCD television with LED backlighting. Manufacturers call them LED TVs to set them apart from conventional LCDs.

The Akai LED2912 is priced at Rs. 21,990 and is available across India at leading retail outlets.

Published Date: Aug 21, 2012 06:08 pm | Updated Date: Aug 21, 2012 06:08 pm