Airtel Launches 3G in Mumbai, Tariffs Disappoint

Airtel have announced the launch of their 3G services in Mumbai, following the launches in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and the New Delhi area. They're looking to expand their 3G dragnet to all 13 circle areas in India by the end of this month.

Airtel 3G in the house

Airtel 3G in the house



The tariffs are a bit of a disapointment though. With no unlimited plan, meagre data limits and charges of 30p per 20kb, there are serious prospects of humongous bills, even though the company claims to have crafted these plans to avoid "bill shock". There is, however, one plan which just might be worth your while.


The Flexi Shield Plan, whose rental of Rs. 675 might seem a bit steep at first glance for the 1.25GB of free usage it's offering. However, the data charges after crossing the limit are 1p per 100kb, which amounts to around Rs. 100 per GB. This only lasts until you hit a billing limit of Rs. 2000 though, after which your plan gets converted to a 128kbps unlimited connection.

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Published Date: Mar 08, 2011 07:12 pm | Updated Date: Mar 08, 2011 07:12 pm