After Subscribe, Facebook rolls out 'View Shares' feature

Facebook seems to be under some crucial facelift process. With the introduction of the 'Subscribe' feature, it found itself a sizable number of fans, and now it has rolled out another feature and has called it 'View Shares'. The new option, as the name suggests will allow users to see the number of people who have read their news feeds, and have subsequently reposted it. The 'View Shares' option has, reportedly been rolled out only to a section of users, and it is being expected that it does so uniformly. 

View Share on Tech2's Facebook page

View Share on Tech2's Facebook page



As seen in the image, the 'View Shares' option has been activated, and it is possible to click on the link, and see the number of people, their names, any added text while reposting it. On clicking the 'View Shares' option, a pop-up window opens up, revealing the above mentioned details. However, any user will be able to view only those shared news feeds, which have been shared by their Facebook contacts, or publicly by anyone. 


The 'Share' option for any news feed has been present since the very beginning. But there has been no option to see the number of shares as is the case with comments. Those managing pages on the popular social networking platform would find this feature useful, as now they have a way to know how popular their posts are. 

Published Date: Sep 17, 2011 05:05 pm | Updated Date: Sep 17, 2011 05:05 pm