After smartphones and a game, there's now an online store selling NaMo merchandise

In the run-up to the general elections slated to be held in India next month, political bigwigs are leaving no stone unturned to woo voters. The online medium too is wearing political colours right now and here’s proof – BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi, now has an online store dedicated to him and his ideology that will make its way on to T-shirts, coffee mugs, stationery and other items.

The website, called “The NaMo Store,” has been started by a firm called Take India Beyond Merchandising and is said to be the product of a collaborative effort of a group of volunteers. While there is no mention about its founders and the people running the website, it looks like BJP or Modi are not directly involved in it, just like the NaMo smartphones.

Now, an online store to wear your political leaning on your sleeve

Wear Modi on your sleeve, literally


“It is a merchandising brand that goes beyond mere profits. Crafted around the principles and values of the man it stands for, brand NaMo reflects the personality and is inspired by his thoughts. The Kesari bindu in the logo creates instant identification and signifies heritage, pride and nationalism; all that the leader stands for,” reads the website’s About Us page.

The online store features NaMo branded products – everything from T-shirts to USB drives, paperweights and desk organisers. The products are priced in the range of Rs 15 to Rs 450 and, of course, feature Modi’s mantra of change and “India first”.

Sources close to the company who’ve spoken to Live Mint say that The NaMo Store is mulling taking the brand offline and also have brick and mortar stores set up. The first store is set to come up in Ahmedabad. “The NaMo Store will also be launching their own retail stores across different cities in India for wider reach in near future. The stores will be opening in major cities in India,” a team member told the publication.

Modi-mania has pretty much taken over Internet in 2013. We’ve not only seen Modi branded smartphones, but have also seen the Modi Run game bring released for Android devices. Quite like Temple Run or Subway Surfers, Modi Run too had you dodging obstacles and running till the end of a level. You, of course, played as Modi. The Smart Namo phones are in keeping with the latest trends in the market and both sport large displays and multi-core processor, while running Google's Android OS.

Published Date: Dec 26, 2013 12:20 pm | Updated Date: Dec 26, 2013 12:20 pm