Ads to feature on Facebook ticker from Monday

Beginning from Monday, Facebook will introduce 'sponsored stories' to its Ticker, which is on the top right corner of the homepage. The popular social networking site gives users a glimpse of what has been going on it the lives of their contacts, off late, on the Ticker and now, a report in CNN confirms that now along with all those updates, Facebook will carry paid articles (ads), too.

Gets 'biz'y

Sponsored ads to come in.. 



The report further quotes Andrew Noyes, a Facebook spokesman as saying, "We recently made some changes to Facebook that help surface more engaging content, whether paid or organic, to people using Facebook. With these changes, people may see a varying number of ads or Sponsored Stories alongside organic content. In testing, we've found this leads to more engagement with for both paid and organic content."


The concept of sponsored stories isn't new to Facebook. These appear on one's page based on their activities, while on Facebook - be it hitting the Like button on some brand's page. Those actively playing games on Facebook, or are constantly trying new apps would have noticed these sponsored ads appearing on those pages.