Adobe working on image editing app you can talk to

Ever wondered how easy it would be to edit images if your application could actually hear you out? You use extensive tools and spend hours trying to create that perfect image, but Adobe is now finding a way to let you talk to your app and tell it how exactly you want a photo to look like.

Say hello to PixelTone, the prototype app Adobe has been working on with the University of Michigan that will simply follow your voice instructions in tandem with certain actions to help you edit images just the way you want them. They call the app ‘A multimodal interface for image editing.

A video was released by one of the collaborators from Michigan University, showing off the brilliant capabilities of the app. The video works around a few images that the application adjusts according to voice instructions.

Talk to this editing app

Talk to this editing app


You can voice instructions, ‘Darken the midtones at the top’ the app and it will adjust it automatically, throwing up a slider to help you fine-tune the results. You can touch a part of the image and ask PixelTone to make it blurry, increase its contrast, and more.


Here’s the best part, PixelTone works not just with terminologies, but general instructions too. The video demonstration asked PixelTone to make the photo look ‘more heavenly.’ Whatever that meant, the app makes the picture look more dreamy and light. You can also ask PixelTone to give a Retro look to the photo as well as other filters. Instagram feeling threatened yet?


With PixelTone you can select an area of an image and tag it. You can name it shirt or highlight a person and call her Sara to make the instructions more specific. You can ask the app to change the colour of the shirt or make Sara look lighter. PixelTone will limit edits to only the parts specified by you making editing a particular area a breeze with voice control instead of going the general layer, lasso tool, colour editor way on Photoshop, another Adobe product.

Currently there are several photo editing software available for mobiles and tablets but most concentrate only on editing for social sharing and fun. Adobe is known to make serious photo editing programs including Photoshop and Illustrator.

In December last year, Adobe updated Photoshop and Illustrator CS6 with HiDPI and Retina support. In an official blog, Adobe notified that the HiDPI feature in Illustrator were made available only on Mac OS and was expected to be available in the future on additional operating systems.

With this update, customers were able to see more detail in images, text and in the Illustrator user interface when working on high-resolution displays, including the new Retina display available on MacBook Pro. This update was made available to all Illustrator CS6 customers, both Creative Cloud members as well as owners of perpetual products. To be able to view the updates, users had to open Illustrator CS6 and from the main menu select Help > Updates, and choose Update from the Updates dialogue.