Adidas to launch a football that will measure your kicks

Seeing a football fly over the cross bar or curl away from the goal post are usual scenes during a football match. To bring precision to one's shooting skills and to avoid such mistakes, which at times prove very costly, sports goods manufacturing firm Adidas will be introducing the “miCoach Smart Ball".


The football, expected to be launched during the 2014 FIFA World Cup season, is expected to measure the speed, spin and the path of the ball and then send back information to an iOS device via Bluetooth after every kick.


One look at the ball and it would seem like a regular ball, which means the ball could be kicked around like any standard football. But, as reported by a leading tech website, the ball in its interior has a special spring-mounted sensor at the centre that records the measurements, while the outer portion has a green zone marking to assist with where to kick the ball to generate a desired result.


The new technology could help players develop their footballing skills



This ball’s mechanism is supported by an iOS app for iPhone or iPad, which when synced with the ball, receives data via Bluetooth. The data thus received will help understand the impact position on the ball, the velocity in which the ball has travelled and also trace the path of the ball. However, the ball has to be kicked to a minimum of 10-metres for the measurements to complete.


Interestingly, the iOS app not only receives data from the sensor installed inside the ball but also sends in commands when needed. While using the “free kick challenges” tanning programme in the app, it instructs where to kick the ball by highlight on the green zone marking on the exterior of the ball. It also guides how your foot should be used in order to get the desired result.


The sensor inside the ball is powered by a rechargeable battery, the life of which is yet to be revealed. This new innovation when launched can help in the making of the future Messis and Ronaldos.

Published Date: May 28, 2013 17:55 PM | Updated Date: May 28, 2013 17:55 PM