Aakash may come at a lower price, with additional features

Pre-orders of the commercial version of Aakash by Datawind have crossed the three lakh mark. An upgraded version is also speculated for early 2012. The company now states that in about six months, the company could lower the price of the tablet and also add in some new features, reports The EconomicTimes

Visibly pleased students with the Aakash tablet at the launch


Cheapr Aakash tablet to further reduce the price?



Suneet Tuli of Dataind said that the tablet will hit markets in January, as it is now being made available for the students at a subsidized price of Rs.1,500. He said, "Processing power, battery life many such things can be increased over a period of time and we hope that every six months there would be something new in the Aakash tablet.


Datwind has joined hands with manufacturing companies in Cochin and Noida to meet the increasing demand for the world’s cheapest tablet. It has also initiated a national contest of innovative and useful apps for the tablet.


"We hope to create entrepreneurial instincts among the student community. Several money-spinners like Facebook etc were started by students still in college. Students think unconventionally unlike large corporates. If they design a useful application which is selected by the jury it would be pre-burned in millions of tablets to be shipped out by us" said Tuli. 

Published Date: Nov 26, 2011 12:13 pm | Updated Date: Nov 26, 2011 12:13 pm