Aakash makers announce contest for app developers

Datawind, the makers of what's being touted as the world's most affordable tablet, yet - Aakash and that of Ubislate, the commercial version of Aakash, have announced a contest for enthusiastic students across the country. A report in Times of India confirms that the contest, will see students from across the country build apps, which if found impressive will find their way to the commercial version of Aakash - Ubislate, which is scheduled for a launch, next year.

Visibly pleased students with the Aakash tablet at the launch

Commercial version to be a money spinner!



The report quotes Suneet Singh Tuli, Chief Executive of Datawind, as saying that students, who's apps will be selected to feature on Ubislate will earn royalties off the usage of the app, thus making this contest a money spinner for them, in addition to being encouraging. In addition to this, the report also reveals that 5 best entries to this contest will receive a lakh rupees. The report further suggests that Ubislate makers have also finalized a deal with Nasscom, as a part of which they will distribute as many as 200 tablets across several NGOs in the country. 


Interestingly, Nasscom have on their part, too announced a contest, wherein 10 NGOs across the country will have a chance of winning 20 tablets, each. This new age computing device, the report states will aid the NGOs in improving their operations and programme implementation. 

Published Date: Nov 30, 2011 03:25 pm | Updated Date: Nov 30, 2011 03:25 pm