Aakash 2 to be here in April or May

Latest reports confirm that India should get its hands on the upgraded version of the world's most affordable tablet, sometime in April or May, this year. The news was confirmed by the Union Minister of State for Human Resources Development, Dr D Purendeswari, who also added that the tablet would be available without a much publicised hike in price. The minister who was at National HRD Conclave organised by Federation of Gujarat Industries, while making the confirmation stated that the government is aiming at making the upgraded version of the Aakash tablet completely indigenous, while still being affordable. Interestingly, the minister has also clarified that all the errors that were pointed out in the intial version of the tablet come fixed in the new one. 

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Aakash 2 coming in April/May..



This report has now set the wheel in motion, as finally there seems to be a more defined timeline for the entry of Aakash 2. Despite all the glitches, the masses have quite been appreciating the idea of having a low-cost tablet, as such which aims to make education realizable for those who cannot afford it. Over the months, several reports coming in have been revealing bits and pieces on what one can expect from Aakash 2. To begin with, the tablet, according to reports is all set to get better and faster now. Like mentioned in one of our earlier reports, "The Aakash 2 will boast of features like a processor speed roughly four times better than its predecessor, a better battery life, and some military-style specifications, too, like water-proofing, being able to withstand a sudden, steep fall, among other things."


Reports, interestingly have also revealed that unlike the resistive touchscreen on the Aakash tablet, the Aakash 2 will sport a capacitive touchscreen. As for the pricing, reports consistently have been placing the Aakash 2 at approximately in the range of $49, i.e. roughly in the range of  Rs.2,500. In fact, in one of our earlier reports, we had stated that HRD minister, Kapil Sibal claimed that the Aakash 2 will be priced at Rs.2,450.


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Published Date: Feb 25, 2012 03:18 pm | Updated Date: Feb 25, 2012 03:18 pm