A New Breed Of Multi Touch Music Based Apps Coming With iOS 4.2

I’ve played around with tons of music making apps for the iPhone , but iOS 4.2 is going to make me and a lot of other musicians way happier. With full MIDI support, we’re going to see a slew of new multi-touch apps for making music on the iPhone/iPod touch as well as the iPad.

The first in this line of multi-touch apps will be Algoriddim's popular 'djay' , and it is being launched for the iPad. This application will allow the user to play back, sync, change pitch and speed, make EQ changes and match the BPM of two tracks simultaneously from your iTunes library. So now, you can actually make your way to the party and steal the show by being the DJ, only using your iPad.

Algoriddim's djay app

This app also allows for multitasking so you can play your loops in the background while surfing the web. You will also be able to play your mixes to speakers wirelessly using AirPlay, and Algoriddim says that the latency is minimal, at 3 milliseconds, which is quite inconsequential.

iOS 4.2 will arrive any day now, and as soon as it does, Algoriddim plans to unleash djay for the iPad. And with that coming undone, we can all let out the inner musician inside us.

Published Date: Nov 18, 2010 02:07 pm | Updated Date: Nov 18, 2010 02:07 pm