A Little Bit of Video Editing pt.1

Everyone wants to be a film maker in some way or another. Although some video cameras come with their own editing software (eg. Flip has Flip Share), there are programs out there that really help you get the most out of what you shoot, be it home videos or film projects for fun. Here are a few non-linear editing programs that are out there that I personally have worked with.

The King of It All - Final Cut Pro - For Hard Core Cutters

Final Cut Pro is used world wide both by professionals and students. Hollywood blockbusters have been cut on this program. It's a good program for people truly passionate about editing their videos. The nice thing about Final Cut is that it has a very clean interface. It's organized very well and is relatively easy to learn. You can add effects and transitions, colour correct, change opacity, separate audio and video superimpose parts of frames (slightly tricky) and more. It is, of course on the expensive side, works best on a Mac (it's an Apple owned software) and requires at least 2GB of RAM. To go with a cheaper and therefore not as feature-rich program, there is Final Cut Express.