A Handbag That Powers Your Portable Electronics

When life in the fast lane becomes all about having all your requirements handy, portable technology becomes a whole new discussion.

stylish, with a cause...

stylish, with a cause...


One major challenge that comes your way when you look forward to carrying your coveted gadgets around; is the availability of charging ports. That issue now, somehow feels sorted. Imagine a stylish looking handbag that can actually charge your mobile phones, and other commonly used electronic devices. The ‘solar handbag’, as it is precisely known is the brainchild of a Danish design company, called DIFFUS. As the name suggests, the handbag using the small solar power stations that have been woven on the surface of the handbag during daytime hours would generate electricity enough to charge a mobile device.


As also, opening the bag post daytime activates the optical fibers placed well inside the bag. The fibers give out a glow that makes it easier to search for keys, purse, or any other commonly found objects. The ease of use of this solar handbag is sure to get it a lot of buyers. However, there's no info yet on the availability of this handbag.

Published Date: May 30, 2011 10:13 am | Updated Date: May 30, 2011 10:13 am