92 percent of Google Translate users are from outside US

At the Google I/O show for developers, Josh Estelle, head of Google Translate's front-end and mobile engineering, let out some interesting stats pertaining to the popular translating service, CNET reports.


Estelle said that the service provides a staggering billion translations each day for 200 million users. To put things into perspective, he said that the amount of text translated on Google Translate each day is more than the content of a million books and exceeds the quantities handled by professional translators in a year.


Interesting stats out!



Google Translate, as we know, now works in 71 languages. Only this month Google added five new languages – including Marathi – to its repertoire of existing languages. Google also added some more languages, like Bosnian, the official language of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cebuano, spoken in the Philippines, Hmong spoken in countries like China, Vietnam and Laos and Javanese, the second most-spoken language in Indonesia. Google added Marathi to its mix of already existing Indian language options like Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu.


Interestingly, 92 percent of Translate's usage comes from those residing outside the United States. Not only stats, Estelle shared with his audience the company's roadmap for Translate. Needless to add, the inclusion of more language support to the service remained at the top. He said that while Google had 71 languages sorted, there are thousands of languages in the world. Estelle added that when deciding which language to support next, it always becomes a matter of getting more data. Quality is next. Estelle thinks Google's existing translations are "really usable", but admits they're not perfect. They're not good enough to be used to power a website for use in multiple languages.


Next, they plan to make Translate ubiquitious. "We also want translation to be ubiquitous. No matter where you are, you should have access to a translation. There are still places where it's hard," he said. 


Lastly, Google wants to work towards allowing users to translate things instantly, thus enabling multilanguage communication among different people.

Published Date: May 20, 2013 01:04 pm | Updated Date: May 20, 2013 01:04 pm