5 Websites to create custom t-shirts

If you are bored of wearing the run-of-the-mill t-shirts, then you can easily custom create one online. And you don’t need to possess great design skills; the Photoshop-like design interface provided by the sites is very easy and simple – simply select the t-shirt style and colour, then add your image and text, preview it and you are done. You can even play around with the image and text. The cost will be determined depending on the style of t-shirt selected and the number of design elements used. While there are many sites that allow you to customise t-shirts, what you need to look for is a site that provides you with the maximum number of customisation options. Some sites support Indian languages, some allow you to add effects, while some others allow you to tweak your images and much more. 


Here’s a list of five sites that you can explore if you wish to customise t-shirts. 


99tshirtsYou can add effects to the t-shirt


You can add effects to the t-shirt



One of the popular sites for custom t-shirts is 99tshirts. Click on the “Create” tab and you will see the merchandise that you can customise. Apart from t-shirts, you can customise things like hoodies, inner wear, apron, tea towel, pillow covers etc. To begin, you will have to first select the style, then the colour and the size. You can then proceed to customise your t-shirt. The design interface provided by the site is quite easy to work with and has extensive features. On 99tshirts, what you also have is the ability to choose effects like Broken Glass, Vintage, Scratchy etc. This will further enhance the look of your t-shirt. You can select the effect right at the beginning and it’s also possible to change it later. You can add text, image, clipart and name. For text, you can choose from over hundred fonts, select the colour, set the alignment, add outline and even customise the letter spacing. When it comes to images, you can upload image up to 7MB in size; it supports PDF, PSD, AI, BMP, JPG, JPEG, PNG and even GIF format. It also features some beautiful clipart you can choose from. The cost of the t-shirt will depend on the colour, size and the number of elements. The site takes around three to seven days to deliver your t-shirt.        


T-Shirt Loot 

T-Shirt Loot also supports Indian languages

T-Shirt Loot also supports Indian languages

Though the site doesn’t have the most user-friendly UI for the design section, it has a few features that make it a good option. To begin with, T-Shirt Loot provides you with the option to select from multiple languages. Apart from English, you can choose from Indian languages like Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Malayalam, Gujarati, Punjabi and Sanskrit, amongst others. It uses transliteration, which means that you can type in English alphabets and it will be translated to the language that you have selected. However, the option to select custom font isn’t available for all languages. And even the fonts that are available are limited in number. In terms of design, there are two categories – Popular and People. Under “Popular” you will find some well-recognised symbols and design elements, while under “People” you will find different characters like cartoons, emoticons, tribal art, sports-persons etc. It even allows you to upload images and supports file formats like GIF, JPG, BMP and PNG. When you upload the image, you have the option to crop it and set the transparency, brightness, contrast etc. And if you are facing some problem with your image, then you can write to them, explaining how you want your image to be and it will be edited accordingly.  Another USP of the site is that it even allows you to customise the sleeves and label.    


Browse the Design Ideas section and customise the design you like


Another site you can explore is iLogo. Apart from apparels, here you can also customise bags, hats, mugs, letters, flyers etc. An advantage of this site is the Design Ideas section, which features t-shirt designs that you can cutomise. This section is divided into categories like Sports, Business, College, Culture, Events etc. You can browse each of these categories, select the design that you like and personalise it as per your liking. You can even create your own design. iLogo allows you to add text as well as image. When adding text, you can not only select the font, colour and the size, but you can also change the shape of the text. You can choose from shapes like Curve Down, Fully Circular, Pinch, Wave and more. You can add your own image or select from the wide categories of clipart provided by the site. One advantage that you have here is the option to overlay text over image, and vice versa. You can right click on the object and choose to place it on the back or in the front. The site takes around seven days to deliver your item. iLogo also gives you the option to print group t-shirts, say, for your college alumni, and create your own product – right from selecting the type of fabric to style, colour combination, embroidery etc. However, there is a caveat of minimum order.      

The design interface is almost non-existent



One of the earliest entrants in the online custom t-shirt business, Xtees is hugely popular. Though the site and the user-interface leaves a lot to be desired, you can be ensured of good quality along with quick and efficient delivery. To personalise your t-shirt, click on Custom Stuff. You can create a regular t-shirt, sweat shirt, embroidered collar t-shirt, super hero t-shirt, sun sign t-shirt, amongst others. For some of these, like the super hero t-shirt, there isn’t much customisation that you can do because the design interface is quite lacking. Moreover, there is no option to preview how your t-shirt will look. While you can key in the text directly, you will have to e-mail your images to the site along with instructions on how you want the image to be used.


You can choose from several Indian languages



As the name suggests, AllThingsCustomized specialises in personalised merchandise. You can choose from merchandise like t-shirts, nameplates, ceramic tiles, mugs, puzzles, greeting cards and a bunch of other things. The design interface provided by the site is easy to work with. Just like T-Shirt Loot, even this site provides you with the option to choose from multiple Indian languages. It uses the transliteration method. However, the option to choose the font for Indian language is quite limited. You can change the colour of the font and move it around. For English, you have the choice of fonts as well as colours and font effects. When it comes to images, you can upload your images or select a clipart from the image gallery. The disadvantage here is that there is no option to edit these images; you can only resize and set their alignment. The site will take around seven to ten days to deliver your t-shirt.    

Some other sites you can explore include iTasveer, PrintLand, Pringoo and STrendy. Do you know of any other sites? Do let us know in the comments section below.
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Published Date: May 04, 2013 11:20 am | Updated Date: May 04, 2013 11:20 am