5 Websites to buy cool and quirky gadgets

If you like collecting some really cool and bizarre stuff, or you are looking to buy something funky and unique to gift someone, then there are plenty of sites that will come to your aid. You will be spoilt for choice as you can have your pick from things like a skull USB hub, Batman bat-signal, drinking goggles, Wi-Fi detector caps, Breath Alcohol Detector, sound sensitive Electro T-shirts and much more. It would be difficult to find these products offline, as most of these are imported. We have listed here five such sites that deal in quirky stuff. You may find them slightly expensive, but that’s a small price to pay for something truly unique and cool. 


WhySoSerious The site also sells official merchandise of comics, movies and TV serials

The site also sells official merchandise of comics, movies and TV serials



The site has got it bang on with the cool URL, which is the catchphrase used by the Joker, the villain from the Batman movie The Dark Knight. The site too doesn’t disappoint, as it features some of the coolest, geekiest and quirkiest stuff you can ever buy on the Internet. More importantly, the site sells original Star Wars, DC, Marvel, The Big Bang Theory and even Pac-Man merchandise. So if you were looking for the Batman Bat-Signal or even the Star Wars Darth Vader Glove, then this is the place to find it. In keeping with its name, the categories on the site are wacky as well. You can browse the Mom hates it section that lists stuff that will surely drive your mom up the wall, the Blood Bath shower gel being a fine example. For the geeks, there is It’s Geek to Me, which features some cool gadgets and gizmos like the Wi-fi detector cap, the Tool Logic Survival Card with Firestarter and more. Other categories include Bottoms Up, The Collectibles, Must Haves, Just Kidding, Into the Jungle and Corner Shop. 


Happily Unmarried 

All the products are truly unique as they have been designed for them

All the products are truly unique

The first site that comes to our mind when we think of some cool funky products to buy is Happily Unmarried. The name of the site itself sets the tone of what to expect. The best part is that the products that you see online are unique, as they have been designed by their in-house team. You can select from a wide array of interesting products like photo frames, beer mugs, shot glasses, bags, lamps, doormats, tags, stationery, magnets and much more. These products are not only uniquely designed, but also carry witty and sarcastic messages, which makes these products all the more fun to have or even gift. Some of its popular products include the Coconut Zipper, "Sandaas" ashtray, rude zodiac mugs, shot glasses and bar maid bottle opener, to name a few. Happily Unmarried also caters to customisation requests and they can get their designers work on the idea you have. On the other hand, if you are a fledgling designer or have a crazy idea, you can get in touch with them and if they like your idea, then you could see your product featured on the site. You will get part advance as design fee and the rest will be royalty based on actual sale.  


Another great option to look for some cool products


If you are looking for some unique and fun things, whether as a gift or something to add to your collection, then HitPlay is one site you must explore. The layout of the site is nothing fancy, but the products featured here more than make up for it. And what’s even more attractive are the prices, as the products are quite reasonably priced. When looking for something to buy, you will be quite literally spoilt for choice – the site features hundreds of some really unique products to choose from. For instance, you can buy a Keep Cool Scarf to keep the summers at bay, Desktop Darts to de-stress at work, really wacky Skull Earphones, flexible Cobra Light, cool Camera Photo Album, Drinking Goggles, sound sensitive Electro T-shirts, LED Ice Cubes, Retro Handsets and much more. The site also features a gift finder, which will help you narrow down your choices when looking to buy a gift. It also has an Eco Friendly section where you will find "green" products like solar lanterns, bird feeders, grass figurines, aqua clock, solar kits, reusable memo pads and more.

A gifting portal, it features some cool stuff


As the name suggests, Giveter is a portal that has been designed to make gifting an easy task. You have to key in certain details like the person's age, relationship with you and the occasion. It will then suggest you gifts based on this selection. You can then further filter this list based on Mood, Personality and Price. Under Mood, you will find the Funky option. And here’s where you will find all the cool stuff. You will find stuff like Shower Radio, Junkyard Frame, Beer Shampoo, Wristband Pen Drive, Keyboard Night Lamp, Fun Cufflinks, Bending Clock, Beer Cheers Clock, Maxam Bar Roulette Game and more. Giveter features products from several other popular sites like Zansaar, Happily Unmarried, VoucherMate, LensKart, Jabong, Flipkart and several others.

Check the gadgets section for funky products


Another site you can explore is ExcitingLives, which is a gifting portal that features some cool gadgets you can pick from. All the products featured on the site have been hand-picked by the team, ensuring that there is something unique. On the gadgets and games section, you will find stuff like Automated Tie Rack, Adventure Compass with an engraving of a Robert Frost poem, a Battery Power Mug with the outline of battery that will drain as the liquid cools, Water Clock that is powered by water, Object Locator for those who misplace their keys, Beer Soap for beer lovers, Smart Finger Mouse, Breath Alcohol Detector, Laptop Lock and more. Apart from gadgets, the site also features experiences, fashion accessories, bar accessories and even naughty gifts. The site also features a wide range of personalised gifts that you can choose from. And don’t forget to check the Offers section, where you will find products that are on discount.
Besides the ones mentioned here, there are many other similar sites. Tell us about the other sites you know in the comments section below.
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Published Date: Apr 23, 2013 01:11 pm | Updated Date: Apr 23, 2013 01:11 pm