5 Android apps to make daily commute easy

Commuting everyday, especially by public transport is an integral part of every Mumbaikar's daily schedule. Over the past few months, there have been numerous reports surrounding the tampering of meters on auto-rickshaws and taxis that left hapless commuters annoyed and agitated. With smartphones now becoming commonplace, it is now in the hands of a commuter to check if he or she is paying the correct fare. We have put together 5 free Android applications that would help you determine the correct fare based on the distance travelled. These apps can work without an active Internet connection. 




m-Indictor: Take your pick


m-Indicator is a free Android application used to determine auto-rickshaw fares and taxi fares depending upon the distance travelled. The app can work offline. At first look, the app appears quite catchy, with colourful icons taking up the entire screen space. On tapping the Auto icon, the app asks you to choose the city that you are located in - Mumbai, Navi Mumbai or Thane. Depending on your pick, the app opens a list containing the meter reading, distance and fare, in that order. For example, if you pick Mumbai, the app displays a list with values such as 1.00 = 1.60km Rs.12.00. If you tap on a set of values that match yours, the app takes you to yet another page with a more detailed breakdown containing the Meter Reading, Day Fare, and Midnight Fare. 


The app also lets you view details of the railway service on the Western, Central, Harbour, Thane-Vashi, Virar-Dahanu, Diva-Pl-Roha, Dahanu-VR-Vasai-Pl and Neral-Matheran lines. Users can check the ticket fares and the train schedule for all the stations. Tapping on the name of a station opens up a list of trains halting at that station during the day. For example, if you tap on "Virar", it displays the timings of the trains going to various stations from Virar through the day till midnight. 


Tuk Tuk Meter


Tuk-tuk meter: No more fare-cheating


Another app in the free Android apps terrain, Tuk Tuk Meter helps you determine the right fare for your auto ride by logging in the distance covered on a vivid screen. So all you are required to do is turn the app on by hitting the ‘Play’ icon on the screen. This gets the distance log, and the subsequent fare log ticking in. At the end of your trip, you know the exact distance covered and the right fare corresponding to it. The fare appears in bright green against a white background. The app has the silhouette of an auro-rickshaw, standing tall, occupying most of the screen space. The application provides real-time distance update using Global Positioning System (GPS). 


SMPT (Smart Mumbai Public Transport)


SMPT: For fair fare



SMPT, quite like m-Indicator has colourful icons depicting an auto-rickshaw, a BEST bus, a taxi, a local train, etc taking up the opening screen. Tap on the auto icon and enter the meter reading. Pick between day  and night fares for the time of the day. Depending on the values you enter, a bar at the top will reveal the correct fare. Taxi fares are determined in the same way.


Users with Android OS 1.5 and above can use this app. With the application, users can get the detailed schedule for local trains running on Western, Central and Harbour lines, including the mid-night trains. Also, BEST Bus Route with details of all types of buses - Express, Ordinary, AC, AC Express - including route finder can be found using this app. The application works offline. 


Mumbai Rickshaw and Taxi Fares

taxi fare

All that you need


This app is plain in its disposition, and direct in what it offers. It has a simple UI. The app is only displats the fares for auto-rickshaws and taxi cabs. The app introduces you to a plain screen on which there is an option to enter the meter reading. The app promptly shows you the corresponding auto-rickshaw fare or taxi fare for that distance. Users can change the settings using the Settings option. Here, they can pick the city they are located in. 


Mumbai Auto Taxi Meter and Card

fare card

Get the correct fare



The final app in our selection is the Mumbai Auto Taxi Meter and Card app. The application is a no-frills attached one, at least in terms of its appearance.


The app takes you to a screen, where at the top are two options - Trip and Meter. If you pick Trip, you have to choose either Auto or Taxi as your mode of transport. Once done, you can hit Start Trip. A soon as your trip ends, hit End Trip to get the final values. The app tells you the distance travelled, time elapsed and, of course, the fare for both day and night. If you choose Meter, the app takes you to the next section, where you are again asked to pick between an Auto and a Taxi. You have to enter the meter reading by using the ‘+’ and ‘-’ signs. Depending on the values that you enter, the app will display the fare - again for both day and night. 


If you have been using an app to get you through with the daily commute that we have missed out, let us know about it in your comments.


Cover Image credit: Getty Images