5 Android apps to help you stay on schedule

Managing a hectic schedule can be difficult, especially when you need to make several important phone calls, run errands, pay bills before their due dates and more. Whether you are a forgetful person or a complete control freak, your Android smartphone will surely help you stay organised and ensure that you complete all the important tasks scheduled for the day, next day, week or even month, on time. We have picked five apps that will remember everything you want to do and also ensure that you get it done.


Astrid - Free


Popular for a reason


Astrid is an extremely popular and efficient tool that manages your to-do lists and alerts you about scheduled important events. Astrid shows options like lists and filters, and lets you sync all the events with other devices and also with GTasks. It lets you manage your to-dos from the web and view changes on the phone, while you can also enter list details with voice input. All these features come to Android users at absolutely no cost. However, those who want to opt for voice reminders and Locale will have to shell out some money.


Any.Do - Free


Intuitive user interface


The next in our list is the Any.Do app. The interface and the way the app functions are what make Any.Do stand out from the plethora of other personal information managers and to-do list apps. If you’re someone who doesn’t micro-manage tasks on a minute level, you’ll find that you’ll be using this app for a long time. You can set reminders for your tasks and simply slide an item to the right to mark it as done. To re-add a task, slide it to the left and also set a priority for it. To clear all completed tasks, simply shake the phone. However, you have the option to enable or disable this feature. This free app is definitely worth a shot.


Remember the Milk - Free



Prioritise your tasks



This feature-packed app is going to remember all your tasks, which can be easily accessed from the phone as well as a PC. The Android app syncs with the ‘Remember The Milk’ web app (once every 24 hours), taking a backup of your tasks and notes. You can organise the tasks by due date, priority, repeat, list and tag. The app also has a feature called Smart Lists that separately lists out all the tasks that you think are very important. It will alert you well in advance when a task is to be completed.


COL Reminder - Free

COL reminder

Set up calls and texts messages to alert you about tasks and deadlines





COL is an extremely efficient reminder application for your Android phone. It is backed by MyBackup integration support that remembers all the data and settings, so you don’t need to worry about losing tasks and can refer to completed tasks later. Make your lengthy to-do list and set reminders, and the rest will be taken care of by COL Reminder. What makes COL different from other reminder apps is its ability to set call and text reminders. Moreover, it supports 20 languages in all.


RemindMe - Free


Simple, without any bells and whistles


If you are looking for a simple app without any bells and whistles, then look no further than RemindMe. RemindMe is a lightweight app; it’s quick to download and install. You can set periodic reminders and it ensures to alert you about all the future tasks that you need to complete. RemindMe will not bring you several of the features seen in the aforementioned apps, but we think RemindMe is worth a shot for those looking for something easy to use and straightforward.


If you have a number of things on your mind and want to complete your tasks on time, one of these apps would surely prove beneficial. Some more options include DueToday and the slightly expensive Tasks N ToDos. Have you been using any of these apps? Do let us know your feedback as it could help other Android users.


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Published Date: Oct 03, 2012 05:21 pm | Updated Date: Oct 03, 2012 05:21 pm